Today there are many options for vehicle lifts to meet just about every need. The most important pieces of information to have when searching for a lift are the mobility device make and model (scooter, power chair, etc.) and the vehicle’s year, make, and model.

There are standard hitch-mounted lifts that are very common. They come in a variety of weight capacities and platform sizes. When selecting a hitch-mounted lift, it is important to know the tongue weight of the vehicle. This is the amount of weight that can hang off the hitch. It is very different from the towing capacity. In fact, it is usually about 10% of the towing capacity. Hitch-mounted lifts typically work best with SUV’s and trucks due to this. One thing many clients have concerns with is losing the function of their tailgate/rear hatch, however in many cases, a swing-away option is available to keep that space functional.

There are interior lifts that will mount on the inside of the trunk or cargo areas as well. These work well to protect the mobility device from the elements but do take up quite a bit of storage room, which can be problematic for some families.

Boom style lifts are a very popular option for truck owners and are mounted to the bed of a pickup. These are often paired with a power topper to protect the mobility device from the elements, and with a valet-style seat to aid with transfers. The addition of these features makes this option more costly, almost as much as a full conversion, however the boom style lift itself is fairly comparable in price to other styles.

There are other various options for lifts such as a side interior mounted lift for minivans, hitch-mounted lifts without platforms, and trailers for larger mobility devices.

An important factor to consider when selecting a lift is the ability of the client and their caretaker. Some lifts will require bending and reaching to secure them, while others have automatic securement systems. Will the client or caretaker be able to ambulate from the back from the back of the vehicle once the mobility device is secured? Can they stand for periods of time during the securement process?

As you can see, there are many factors to consider and many options to choose from when selecting a lift. It is important that you are working with someone who is specially trained in the field of vehicle modifications. Modification Network has vehicle modification specialists available to help you know your options and assist with finding cost effective solutions for your claimants. Call 1-800-856-1232 and ask to speak with a vehicle modification specialist on your next lift referral.

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