In the arena of workers’ compensation related home and vehicle modifications, the OT serves a very important role. The OT evaluation provides recommendations for medically necessary modifications and reduces the back and forth of unnecessary requests.

In a home modification situation, starting with a solid OT evaluation is key to producing a scope of work that will be clear to all parties. For example, a doctor may write a prescription for a “kitchen renovation for handicap accessibility”, but what exactly does that mean? If someone were to offer that broad option, it is likely that they are going to request an entire renovation of their kitchen complete with brand new cabinetry, countertops, flooring, etc. However, the claimant may only require a few small changes to the kitchen depending upon their level of injury. A roll-under sink and lowered food prep space may be all that was required. By starting with a clinically based OT evaluation, insurance has the potential to save tens of thousands of dollars while still providing a modification that is medically necessary for the claimant to function in their home.

In the case of vehicle modifications, the same situation applies. Starting with an evaluation completed by a certified OT has the potential to offer savings on a very costly modification. In this next situation, we find our claimant has a prescription for a “handicap accessible vehicle”. Once again, we may find that rather than purchasing a full van and conversion in excess of $60,000, that there are some modifications that can be made to the claimant’s existing vehicle for transport such as a lift with a valet-style seat that will fall more into the range of $15,000. By investing up front in the OT evaluation, we were able to offer a cost savings of $45,000!

Can you imagine having a team that can offer all these services with one phone call? Modification Network is here to help. We offer nationwide coverage on OT evaluations as well as home and vehicle modifications. Our team is experienced in the workers’ compensation field and is highly specialized to deal with home and vehicle modifications. Our staff touts CEAC and CAPS certifications and holds membership with one of the leading organizations for driving and passenger evaluations. All of this with world-class customer service. We look forward to serving you on your next home or vehicle modification referral. No matter how big or small, we will treat your referral with the white-glove, timely, and cost-effective service you expect.

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