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Vehicle Modifications for workers compensation

Conversions just aren’t for vans anymore

Today’s vehicle modifications are much different than even 10 years ago. A “conversion” no longer means giving a one size fits all solution. There are full sized vans, minivans, trucks, and even SUV’s. While not every option is available for every person, the wide variety of options is a breath of fresh air that has been breathed into the world of adaptive driving. Check out Braun’s new Chevrolet Traverse conversion, it is a great example of companies listening to today’s…

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Driving Evaluations

Whether a claimant has experienced a minor injury or a catastrophic loss, vehicle modifications may come into play as part of the care plan. Having a vehicle modification expert to guide you through the process is a great option to keep the process running smoothly. In many cases, vehicle modifications cannot be completed without a license endorsement or restriction being added through the local licensing agency. At the same time, the licensing agency may require that they see the claimant…

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Ramps for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Renting ramps rather than purchasing one can be a great opportunity for cost savings when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, but how do you know you’re getting the right one? Ramps come in many different lengths and price points, from a $300 portable ramp to a $10,000 modular system.  There are many factors that contribute to selecting the right ramp. The most important factor is the rise. ADA states that for each inch of rise, there should be one…

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