Renting ramps rather than purchasing one can be a great opportunity for cost savings when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, but how do you know you’re getting the right one?

Ramps come in many different lengths and price points, from a $300 portable ramp to a $10,000 modular system.  There are many factors that contribute to selecting the right ramp.

The most important factor is the rise. ADA states that for each inch of rise, there should be one foot of ramp. With that being said, ADA does not apply to residential use, but it is important to follow ADA guidelines for safety of the claimant.

Portable ramps can be a great short-term solution for home access or for community access, but they are not right for every situation. A 10’ portable ramp, although it may seem large, is not going to allow access to a home that has 4 steps. It would be extremely difficult for a claimant, even with a caregiver’s assistance, to get up a ramp that steep, and what happens when they get to the top? Will they have a resting place to stop at while the door is being opened? Even if the rise is appropriate for a portable ramp, if there is no caregiver assistance, they will have difficulty opening a door while holding their wheelchair in a safe position.

This is where temporary modular ramps can be a great solution. They are fully railed, offer any configuration under the sun, and can be made to be fully ADA compliant including a resting platform at the point of entry. The fact that they are temporary means they can be purchased or rented if only needed for a short time. They are an excellent choice for long-term needs when a claimant rents their home, as they are not affixed to the home and can be moved and re-configured at their new home.

Temporary modular ramps are slip-resistant and require zero maintenance other than keeping it clear of snow in the wintertime. This means even in a “permanent” situation, “temporary” ramps are a great option.

Another benefit to a temporary modular ramping system is that they can be installed in a matter of hours and in many places, do not require any permits making it perfect for those urgent discharges.

Our CAPS and CEAC certified team can offer you advice on selecting the right ramp for each situation and will be happy to present you with rental and purchase options. Give us a call today at 800-856-1232 to speak directly with a project coordinator or send your referral directly to We look forward to serving you!

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