Whether your client has a right leg amputation or nerve damage that prevents them from accurately utilizing the accelerator pedal original to their vehicle, there are options to return to driving besides hand controls.

The first step would be to obtain a prescription for a driving evaluation if one has not already been completed. From there, a driving evaluator will determine if a left foot accelerator will be a viable option and provide training with the equipment.

A left foot accelerator will require a special license or endorsement in most states, and this can be addressed as part of the training.

Once it is determined that a left foot accelerator is a good option, the driving evaluator will be able to give recommendations for the specific type and set up that is needed. There are several options available.

The electronic left foot accelerators are becoming increasingly popular as they do not often require the installation of a pedal block as they have automatic electronic lock out of the original accelerator pedal as part of the installation. They provide the option of quickly and easily switching between a standard driver and a driver utilizing the adaptive equipment.

You may come across a product called a “portable” left foot accelerator. While this seems like a good option when you have multiple vehicles in play, however these are completely temporary in nature and could be improperly installed by the client or could move from the intended position. This opens your client up to injury by accident and of course opens you to liability if you provided this piece of equipment without the proper training and endorsement. Due to this, it is highly recommended that each vehicle is outfitted with properly installed and recommended equipment.

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