Handicap Driver Evaluation and Training

Driving evaluations are a very important piece of the vehicle modification process, especially for new injuries or changes in medical status. We offer a full nationwide network of driving evaluators who will provide clinical and behind the wheel driving evaluations, training, and final fittings.

You will receive a report from a qualified professional that will offer you supporting clinical documentation to help you make sound decisions regarding the vehicle modifications. In addition, many driving evaluators will assist with the process of license endorsement or restriction required in most states. Finally, at the time of installation of the equipment, the driving evaluator will offer a final fitting and training session to ensure that the claimant is comfortable with the new equipment and that everything is installed to their specifications.

Modification Network’s staff is specially trained in the vehicle modification process and will be able to help you navigate this with ease. We are here to help with just a quick call to 800-856-1232 or you can email referrals to referral@modificationnetwork.com.

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