Whether a claimant has experienced a minor injury or a catastrophic loss, vehicle modifications may come into play as part of the care plan. Having a vehicle modification expert to guide you through the process is a great option to keep the process running smoothly.

In many cases, vehicle modifications cannot be completed without a license endorsement or restriction being added through the local licensing agency. At the same time, the licensing agency may require that they see the claimant driving with their adaptive equipment. The claimant becomes stuck in the middle.

This is where driving evaluators come into play. Oftentimes they will accompany the claimant to the licensing agency and allow them to use the equipment that they have trained them on to get their license endorsement or restriction. Training is an important piece of the puzzle, not just for the safety of the claimant, but for all who share the road with them.

Today there are many options for vehicle modifications ranging from a lift to a full van conversion. Knowing what options are available and being well versed in understanding what is medically necessary versus upgrades are important pieces when working with workers’ comp claims over a private pay situation.

Van conversions are a great example of this. The claimant may be requesting a van with all the bells and whistles, but are all of those features medically necessary? A driving evaluation is a great way of documenting medical necessity and selecting the proper pieces of equipment. This will come into play especially on new claims where it will set the standard for future benefits.

Whether your client needs a driving evaluation, vehicle lift, hand controls, or a full vehicle conversion, Modification Network is ready to help. Our staff is equipped with a full nationwide network of driving evaluators and vehicle modification providers. Our staff is also well trained on all aspects of the process, and they know communication is key. They can present you with options so that you are able to make the important decisions that accompany such potentially high dollar purchases. New referrals or questions can be directed to referral@modificationnetwork.com or by calling 800-856-1232.

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