Bathroom Modifications

From the installation of grab bars, ADA toilets, wheelchair accessible sinks and tubs we have you covered with all your bathroom modification needs!

Walk In Bathtubs

Your clients will enjoy the comforts of a walk-in bathtub to speed up the recovery process.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

A walk in or roll in shower will allow your clients the easy access to get in and out of the shower without reinjuring themselves.

Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Modifications

Love the kitchen you work in every day and make your client’s life a little more easy to use with a wheelchair accessible kitchen.

Home Modifications Made Easy! With Modification Network, Inc's Nationwide Network Of Accessibility Providers
Accessible Kitchen Modifications

Home Accessibility Modifications

We can complete your full home evaluation and construction needs. From kitchens to bathrooms, ramps and door widening. Home evaluations can be completed by our network occupational therapists to give a great starting point to help determine an accurate and medically necessary scope of work.

Handicap Driver Evaluation and Training

Handicap Driver Evaluation and Training

Driving evaluations are a very important piece of the vehicle modification process, especially for new injuries or changes in medical status. We offer a full nationwide network of driving evaluators who will provide clinical and behind the wheel driving evaluations, training, and final fittings.

Vehicle lifts

Vehicle Modifications

Our vehicle modification program is ready to serve you from driving evaluation to delivery and beyond. Vehicle modifications range from a vehicle lift to an entire vehicle build and conversion. Not sure what your injured worker might need? Give our network of driving evaluators a try today!

Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility for workers compensation

Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility

Home access has never been easier with modular wheelchair ramps. We can custom configure a layout for just about every situation, and because they are metal, they are maintenance free. In many cases, if cared for properly, they will last the lifetime of the claim.

walk in bathtubs

Accessible Bathroom Modifications

Walk in tubs can be crucial for recovery and comfort following a workplace injury. We offer a wide variety of options, and will work with you to find the right fit for your injured workers and your budget.

Stair Lifts for Elderly And Disabled

Stair lifts

The addition of a stairlift can give your injured workers the freedom to access all areas of their home. Whether a straight or custom curved stair lift is needed, we are here to help you bring your injured workers home safely.

Modification Network, Inc. is a nationwide network of independently owned and operated, certified providers and contractors dedicated to providing Accessible Home Modifications, Environment Modification and Independent Living Solutions, and related products and services. Modification Network, Inc. will provide you with the best solutions for independent living.

When injured workers require home modifications, Modification Network’s home modifications team of experts provides appropriate cost-effective and on-time modifications based on each patient’s unique needs.

  • We have a nationwide network of accessibility providers
  • Equipment that is appropriate for your client’s home environment and lifestyle and that meets the payer’s expectations and desired budget
  • Complete range of vehicle modifications delivered by experts in mobility, rehabilitative and home modifications solutions
  • On-site physical evaluation for all home modifications
  • Claimant and family training and education
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